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  1. Philip

    A Quick Guide to Divisions

    I still have that huge folder with all the different pictures
  2. I see thsi this is no different form any other team game. The females are always the support mains https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1cvEDKuMZw
  3. Philip


  4. Philip

    Community PUBG Outing


    oooh birthday bash on PUBG
  5. Philip

    Mouse Suggestions

    Deathadder elite
  6. Philip

    You Know Who I Am.

    Take this to the power of Lord of the Rings
  7. Philip


    3.14 bc pie
  8. Philip

    New Forum Giveaway!

  9. Philip

    Special Award Claim

    Both pls and thx u
  10. Philip

    Philip is back-ish

    Love u bb let's play zombie survival with campo sometime
  11. Philip

    Philip is back-ish

    I think we got into an argument b4 I left
  12. Philip

    Are Traps Gay?

    Traps are gay
  13. Philip

    What was your first game?

    Mine was a plug and play spongbob game
  14. Philip

    Philip is back-ish

    @jacobthepigeon I still have our stupid power ranger pictures from darkrp a couple of years ago