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Wiggling Polo

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  1. I don't have evidence but if anyone had anything to say about it, it'd be the same answer. It's just annoying listening to him.
  2. Literally we get rdmed as well so I don't know where you get the idea from where it's only us. Everyone rdms and saying we disrespect staff on the daily is kind of stupid because everyone disrespects everyone day in and day out. Also as everyone has been saying defending us, Spooky literally said it was an accident and the fact that Quit has said that he's done it as well proves that this is an unfair ban.
  3. For one I don't play csgo and everyone can vouch for me on that so how would I know off by heart the gun sound and just because the sound was coming from a different direction doesn't mean I didn't move my mouse and the audio comes from any angle.
  4. Can you post who was shooting at me because I took damage from someone and I thought it was King.
  5. Like I said before what does this have to do with me.
  6. STEAM_0:1:126235520 for when I get unbanned.
  7. He didn't even ghost but without a doubt what does that have to do with me? It this about me killing King? Because someone was shooting at me and who I thought was shooting at me was King.

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