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  1. Yeah my ign is Rona and my other ign is Referees, could you whitelist both so I can afk farms once i get going ?
  2. Im literally stuck in blocks when I log on to the server
  3. I can't get out of spawn on the minecraft server and no one has replied on that thread so im posting it here where someone will reply to it. Honestly this shit is getting outrageous im just trying to play with some friends and its fucking busted @Subsy
  4. I can't move from spawn on the server could someone please help me out?
  5. Maybe you mistyped your commands idiot
  6. Yeah let me travel back in time and open a recording software and start recording before he does it.
  7. +1 dumbass is mic spamming with begging people to kill him so he can report them for rdm
  8. How many times are you going to regurgitate the same shit? I'm only posting on this to simply point out that your a fucking idiot
  9. Why would I have to tell you that they are my friends LOL. If they were so upset about it they can make their own posts. 18 logs that you used have no correlation with you at all. Don't defend people who aren't offended dumbass
  10. Over half of these are on my friends, and we fuck around. when you were playing that day you 100% heard "KOS GLOCK 9" from Ryker because all of us were fucking around. You posting me killing my friends and not showing them killing me is literally falsifying the situation. Imagine getting pissed off for people that weren't actually mad? pretty sad and pathetic Mr. "This is a real thread" when you falsified over half of it
  11. you sure you should be cussing like that? what if your mommy finds out
  12. Ill knock your dumbass out with my crutches
  13. You really asking me to walk to your house rn at 1am?

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