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  1. Lies strekki, you’ve kissed me before
  2. Hi, My name is Tangy I'm 18 years old, I'm a college student and cocaine junky. and Hi again. #Tangy4Veteran
  3. im actually gonna +1 Tizona's link too. its the one.
  4. Tangy

    Servers Poll

    You’ll need to add more options such as cs go bhop or even 1v1
  5. i snorted coke off my brothers ass, and it tasted like my dad's hand.
  6. I shit on u every time we 1v1. Get good cuz they don’t play around here

  7. Welcome. !ban Rebellious 3 hours.
  8. CS:GO Surf, CS:GO 1v1, CS 1.6 Jailbreak. CS:GO TTT. some good ones basically.
  9. No introductions needed so far, as these are the people that wasted their lives online.
  10. Damn my nigga you smell like ass

    1. Tangy


      i love you too my biggA


  11. Tangy


    6th bitch

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