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  1. KingMike


    I have many sons but you're the only daughter I have
  2. KingMike


    Yoooo Sobesssss Carry me in RL again when you get a chance Again with these jokes of yours 🙃 Feign ignorance all you want, but you know who was the original King.
  3. KingMike


    Nah too tired, but whats good digidy? I'm here for now and you can still see me in jailbreak just name the time and place. You're funny af Ross, you can never take the title of King from me.
  4. KingMike


    Craaaaazy... When did ya join AG again? 😙 It is I, son. The line for those cigarettes was long af
  5. KingMike


    If I just say Hi in this post will it be removed... asking for a friend... Also Hi, btw.

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