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  1. Tizona

    Destiny 2

    If anyone here came back to d2 with the new expansion and needs a clan lemme know. A few of us are running one and plan on doing the raid when it releases Saturday.
  2. Tizona

    Surf's Up!

    If any maps make the server crash or shit doesnt have zones go post it in surf section to make the mans job easier.
  3. https://github.com/fluffyst/Surftimer my vote
  4. Theres a few i think but not sure if theyd play on a different server than their main ones.
  5. Tizona

    Reunion Summary

    yeah we just randomly hear u laughing occasionally lol
  6. Tizona

    Reunion Summary

    I literally just saw mine the other day and now i cant find it zzzz
  7. Yeah and shark got triggered when people were putting @'s in their name lol
  8. Yeah please dont fucking enforce rules like its a religion. It makes the server boring as hell.
  9. Tizona

    Reunion Summary

    I better not hear your ass in links background, kimi is already louder than him at this point
  10. what the fuck am i watching

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