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  1. Dark

    Fixing Surf Server

    I am very happy to see someone taking action on our Surf Server. Might as well give you SM. 🙂 Anyways, I will be stopping in the server and testing out things and let you know how things go. Also, if you ever need a tester and you don't have anyone; let me know and I can probably hop on!
  2. Dark

    This is why..

    Well, I forgot too add, I also just moved out of my house 2 weeks ago or so. Not having too do much as of now besides my shift at work, that is about it. Never really had to go through anything like that, if we're being honest. So I was all in shock and shit. When it starts to affect my job irl, it's pretty serious. If this is going towards my recent HA application, I have been ready to hold a position like this for TeamSpeak for a while now, like idk, 6 months or so. I would do anything to tackle this spot, as I have been with TeamSpeak since I joined AG, honestly.
  3. Dark

    I'm Turning 21

    Damn, ggwp. Have fun sitting at your desk and getting drunk @NaisA-
  4. Dark

    I'm Turning 21

    Get friends together and have a party man! This is your big 21.
  5. Dark

    This is why..

    Hello, This post is to explain everything about my absence and why you haven't seen much of my role being a success, why I haven't been around to help where I could, and overall why I have been away. Firstly, during the start of last month, I had a "family friend" who basically was family to me, like a grandma in a sense, who started up on hospice care. Hospice care is where they take care of you and give you pain medications which make you feel better so you go out in less pain. So, she was doing so good the whole time she was on it and then took a huge turn one day and her body started to shut down. Shut down as in she couldn't each much anymore, keep liquids down, etc. So, during my time as I was transitioning and getting ready for my new job and learning everything that I needed to begin the start(More details later).. I received a phone call on June 8th, that she had less than a week to live.. Therefore, it put me in a really bad state of mind where I felt like I needed to get away from everyone before I start ruining things even worse that it should be. So, I decided to take a break from AG, my IRL friends, and family. I stayed to myself, did my own thing until I felt I was alright. I usually never get this way when things like this happen, but when I get this message of someone who has helped me become who I am today, it really put my in the gutters and felt like shit. So 3 days later, June 12th, I received another phone call saying she has past away, so I continued my break for another week or so. That being, there hasn't been many things I could help with because I needed a break for I did something really wrong and start making the wrong turns in life. Another thing, family issues. I have had family issues going on for nearly a year now where my parents would constantly argue back and forth about stupid shit that was unnecessary and this isn't the first time it's been like this. During that time, my dad and I made a huge turn against each other and we nearly got in to it multiple times. I remember the night where I had to call the police because things got so bad, and for calling the police, he struck me against my head and hit me pretty good and ended up having to get a steel rod put in his hand that night because of what he did. I no longer want to associate with him and there are a couple people who were on TeamSpeak with me when it happened, and they heard everything that was happening. So with that being before the passing of my friend, already put me in a awful place where I wanted to hide from everyone and let no one know how hard I was actually struggling and how bad keeping this feeling inside was. So I tried my best. Secondly, my job. I decided to leave retail and begin a new career where I belong, which is IT. What's awesome about this job is that I now work for the School District I was in for all my life and graduated from. To be honest, it's pretty cool. My main role in the District is being the "Google Administrator" where I take care of everything Chrome related, like Chromebooks especially. So my weeks are pretty busy, but having a set schedule really helps it out. Thirdly, I wanted to say sorry for my inactivity and any inconvenience I may have caused, but I want to feel that it isn't my fault, and a huge thank you to the higher ups in the community for understanding and letting my slide through the cracks a little bit. Lastly, just some comments that people have made, I had no control of organizing or helping for the Battle of the Communities due to the fact of the do it themselves and host it themselves, so they don't really need any extra help. I don't feel as if this position makes me feel any more power than I had before because I don't and know I don't. It's just a title with a little more responsibility that gets Allied-Gaming events, no power what so ever is needed. I plan on bringing someone else along with me due to @Ellie being inactive as well, so it didn't help our situation when we both had some things we were going through and doing, therefore, more events will be getting out for AG within this month, promised. I will make sure I make it up too you guys. I hope you all understand. Thank you & Sorry.
  6. Yes, due to Cogitos post about Staff Applications being open. I have decided to wait some time and post near the end of the month.
  7. Position applying for: TeamSpeak Head Admin TeamSpeak Name: Dalton SteamID: STEAM_0:1:157898198 Age: 19 Timezone: CST About yourself: I have been Allied-Gaming Member for two years now as of June 24th. I have been TeamSpeak Staff for almost 2 years now(I believe the month of July marks 2 years). I am a very easy, well-going, and nice person to talk too within AG. I enjoy every moment I get to be in this community as it helped me grow in to a better person. Staff Experience: Ex Head-Admin of 1v1 and Retakes, High Admin of Bhop. Currently an Event Manager, Forums Moderator, and TS3 Admin for Allied-Gaming. How active are you on the forums?: As of now, I am just getting my activity back within the forums. Finally got a fixed work schedule and my life back in shape. Along with that, I am a Moderator of the Forums, it is my job to put as much attention as I can towards the forums and moderate along with managing my other positions. How many hours/weeks will you be active for?: I'm usually on TeamSpeak anytime that I am home when I decide to game, relax, or really anything. TeamSpeak is always open. So with that being said, I would said 3-7 hours a day. What rules are most commonly broken on Teamspeak?: Channel hopping, spamming, and inappropriate avatars. Will you try to be unbiased when handling situations involving your friends?: In every situation I am in, 100%. Why do you want to be staff?: I would like to be the TS3 Head Admin to help Cogito in any way possible so he can possibly get more things pushed out, or we could bounce ideas off each other in what we could bring in, and overall, make things great. What is something you would like to accomplish while being staff?: I would for sure get as many tasks as I can get done for whatever that needs to be done, such as making server groups/staff tags, making channels, enforcing rules, and overall making AG's Teamspeak an even better place to be. The biggest thing that I would like to bring to our Teamspeak is a working bot that notifies staff when new members join our Teamspeak. We have had one before, so I don't see why we can't bring one back! Thank you for reading my application. **This Application was made based off the Discord Staff Application Format, just slightly edited, if anyone was wondering.**
  8. Dark

    google chrome is cyka blyat

    Sounds like the problem is fixed, so topic is now locked. Topic will me moved to appropriate section once I figure out why I can't move it to the right spot! 😡
  9. Dark

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    As P2 mentioned, I would believe a secondary blacklist would fit perfectly fine for now and have him on it for quite some time to prove that he actually wants to stay within Allied-Gaming. From what I am understanding, Jayce took trolling a bit too far with advertisements and foolishness, along with a refunded donation. I think we all know that refunding a donation is a bannable offense just like everywhere else. My honest opinion is let the kid have another chance. I've watched him slowly mature in to somewhat of a better person, by all means, he can have childish moments like some of us and mess up along with the kid still growing up. At the start I didn't enjoy Jayce being a part of the TS3 Staff Team along with his powers on servers, but then he kind of got the hint of it being time to stop messing around. Posting that link is fine for now, but look at this as well guys, this is a great point proven. After all the trolling when IA started, he decided to make a post and tell them it's not fine to do and have them stop. This may be after his blacklist and such, but it's starting to make things a little more serious of all the non useless trolling that was happening when they decided to come do stupid things in our TeamSpeak. Advertising can always lead to a ban depending on the severity no matter what. With what Tizona said, if this ban was truly based off a donation as well, he should 100% be treated equally. Overall, I believe there should be a chance given to Jayce as he seems to learn from his mistakes, along with that, I would like to get some of the people back to get everything going again with getting our members back as we seem to be dragging, just like me being inactive. I would say a serious conversation with Jayce about this appeal would be a good idea. Lastly, his "alt account" that was made was never used by him in any way of trolling, he just made an account to think about trolling on but did not. Along with that, I accept the apology from Jayce and believe he should be given a second chance. Currently at work, so if something doesn't make sense, I will look at it again later.
  10. Dark

    Community Nights

    I can participate in these once I get everything straightened out in my personal life. You can also message me to get these things hosted as well..
  11. Dark

    Add a high staff section

    That could be done but we also have this thing called "Clubs" that could be used even further.
  12. Dark

    Big Thank You!

    Congrats fam! Hard work pays off.
  13. Dark

    rip s4mple 2k18

    I'm actually astonished. I didn't think I would ever see this day come, tbh. Anyways, thanks for everything you have done towards forums and TTT.
  14. Dark

    Brontes' Forum Mod Resignation

    Thanks for the work you put towards forums. See ya on TS3, buddy.