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  1. Timothy


    Thank you for your input.
  2. Timothy


    It was my mistake not bringing this to attention earlier but I decided to give him several more chances through private means before possibly ruining his reputation. We were friends.
  3. Timothy


    I feel as though you are losing track of the objective here. Time was a game I was playing in order to have Sobe gain enough time to pay me back, as he said he would. An agreement is an agreement, there isnt anything to disagree about here, we both agreed on what we did. He wanted my skin for use while he was searching for a skin of his own. We were NOT just two randoms talking. In fact, we spent countless hours together talking and having fun. He chose to sell the skin and I asked him to either pay me for the skin or give me another duplicate skin.
  4. Timothy


    who are you?
  5. Timothy


  6. Timothy


    @Sobe will admit it.... If he is an honest man
  7. Timothy


    lmfao, I want punishment again Sobe or my moneyz back
  8. Timothy


    @SoBe over a year ago sold a skin that I gave to him for him to USE and he CLEARLY understood that. He sold it and hasn't said a word to me since. I have asked politely for him to atleast refund me the amount at which he got. Then he said he'd give me a Steam Analyst value (at the time 12 keys) and still never did. He said he would after he sold all his stuff for keys to trade over to Rocket League. I already know @SoBe will deny the accusations but I told @GoobNitro about this issue aswell. Time doesnt heal my heart when I get scammed from a former friend. That is the main reason I left AG in the first place. -Tim