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  1. Thank you for giving !
  2. Thank you for the swift fixes :")
  3. He should have at least gotten a warning. People RDM all the time and only get slays without threat of a ban.
  4. Even though you know to do it every time, that doesn't change the fact that new players are getting kicked for it because they don't know they need to hit 6 or they forget. Then they don't join back because they have no connection to the server yet.
  5. +1 He has long history with AG and he's always been a good staff member for other servers. He's been playing a lot recently so I think his hours would only increase from here
  6. So, I have a few problems with the TTT server :^) I'm making a new post because the suggestions thread is super full and the replies keep getting lost with no answers. 1. My biggest problem is the menu that shows up at the start of each map, and when you first join the server that asks if you are familiar with the rules. You get kicked if you don't reply and I don't think you should. I feel like it's hard to even see the menu. Plus it doesn't state that you will be kicked if you do not press anything so why would people prioritize it. It's also at the start of every map so you're bound to forget to press it eventually, leading to a kick from the server. I have seen new people join the server and then get kicked for not accepting (probably because they didn't notice it). Once a new player has been kicked, those players probably won't return to the server. Instead of kicking maybe we can move them to spectator. Plus, I get kicked ~75% of the time and it's extremely annoying at this point .-. 2. When you die you still get AFK warnings and can be moved to spectator even though you are dead. 3. Players can spam bodies for endless credits. 4. !Ws and !knife doesn't save properly. (+) Need more maps~!

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