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  1. Hi everyone teamspeak staff applications will be open for the month of June 2018, they may close early if i fill the spots. You may apply for helper, if you have not currently staff in our community. You may apply for mod, if you are currenty a staff member in Allied-Gaming. You may apply for Head Admin if you currently a teamspeak staff member, or High staff on one of our servers. Please follow the same application steps used when applying to one of our other servers. All are welcome to apply, applications will stay open for one-two weeks before accepted or denied. I will assigning a Head Admin by the end of this application process. Thank you for your time, and come join us on the teamspeak!
  2. Cogito

    Remove/Revise Rule 14

    I can't express in words how much i appreciate those who are able to see situations from multiple perspectives. When opening this thread i thought i'd have to explain why this rule exist, but here are multiple people from different walks of life, all experincing a similar situation. This is why the rule was made, read thier stories, and understand that it's not just about a single person, but the community. Courtesy goes a long way, holding a door for someone, saying excuse me, and of course apologizing for an inconvience caused. If you have a valid reason to leave another person in a bad spot, atleast say sorry, it's the first step to showing you actual care about them. Friends are always willing to forgive other friends, but you have to show the effort, without it you are not worthy of thier friendship. Thank you for those who've taken thier time to express thier opinion.
  3. Cogito

    [Ban Appeal] [TeamSpeak3] [SnoopDoge]

    Since no one has said it yet, Snoop never told anyone why he left He never said before the game started he would have to leave. Said no words for the entire match, till "I didn't know the match would take this long, i have more important stuff to do" It was 26 minutes into a draft game, and there were 4 allied gaming member in the match, other then him. The match was close, everyone was invested, no one even knew snoop was going to leave. When he came back (30 minutes later) he asked to be unbanned, i simply asked him to apologize to everyone. It is not uncommon to apologize for causing another an inconvience to another person. I've apologized for less. You refusing to acknowledge OTHER peopls time, and effort is not okay. Please take this ban time to reflect upon your decisions today. Thank you, and goodnight guys.