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  1. SharK

    :^Sh@rK^: is Back

    Hi Ho Silver Fuckers
  2. SharK

    :^Sh@rK^: is Back

    Hey Everyone! I am so sorry for being absent for the last 2 1/2 months. I have been stuck in the hospital for this time period dealing with Diabetic issues involving my kidneys etc. I am doing much better and out of the hospital. I will do my best to start working on the surf server once again Thank you Digidy for maintaining the server in my absence.
  3. SharK

    Sorry I've been gone!

    Don't feed the trolls!
  4. Hey everyone sorry I've been like non existent for the past month or so. I have been dealing with some real life stuff and haven't had the chance or time to be able to be on. It is still gonna be a bit rocky but I am back assuming no more RL issues decide to fuck with me.
  5. SharK

    New to AG

    Seems like a troll post idk.
  6. SharK

    New Timer "YES" or "NO"

    Okay Everyone, I need everyone to help me out on this. Please Vote whether we should use this new timer or not. The poll will stay active for 1 Month to give everyone a chance to vote. Poll will Close on November 29th, 2018. Happy Voting!
  7. SharK

    Possible New Surf Timer!

    UPDATE: Still working out details with the Possible new surf timer. Main thing I am working on is how to import all the times and points etc over to the new timer. From the current testing its not looking good to be able to port everything over due to compatibility issues between the timers. I am going to take a poll on whether or not the community is going to want this new timer. For us to use this new timer it will require dumping all the times and points people have accumulated on the server thus far which means everyone starts from scratch once again. New Post with the Poll is active now!
  8. SharK

    Fully Custom TTT Server ?

    If someone is willing to take on that endeavor and actually work it out and get a 1.6 or GMOD TTT Server going (Assuming the Council is for it) I think it would be an awesome idea and would probably get populated pretty fast. I know quite a few people from the old days who would totally play on the server.
  9. SharK

    Possible New Surf Timer!

    UPDATE: New Surf Timer: So I have been testing the possible new timer more and working some customizing on it to suit the communities needs. I will be having a select few helping me test it some more. Features of New timer that CK Surf does not have. Influx-Timer has many more Style options for the populace. CKSurf has Normal, Half-Sideways, Sideways and the fun Styles: Low Grav, Slow mo, Fast forward. Influx-Timer has Normal, Half-Sideways, Sideways and Low Grav. But it has styles that Cksurf does not have such as: A/D Only, W Only, True Half-Sideways, Backwards, Tool Assisted, Prespeed and Parkour, Parkour style is very fun as you can give your self personal boosts and even wall jump. Influx-Timer has other features such as you as an individual player can save your own personal best run and look on it later and this is in addition to the WR Bot. Every player will be able to manage their entire runs for each map, bonus etc. Influx-Timer Screen hud has a little bit more info on it and each player can customize it to their hearts content. You can hide your hud so your screen is clear. If you hide your weapons you also mute weapon sounds where as CKsurf still has the sounds. Influx-Timer will even count how many jumps you make as well as your strafe count. Influx-Timer has a Practice mode with practice runs. With CKSurf when you get to a new rank you cant change your rank. However with Influx-Timer each time you reach a new rank you have to manually change it yourself which means you can choose to use any ranks you have previously achieved. Influx-Timer there is a command that allows you to see your (True) Velocity during a run. This is about the bulk of the Main features that make this New Influx-Timer better than CKSurf. But I will announce more once I have had some more people test it out. Please Stay Tuned!
  10. SharK

    Possible New Surf Timer!

    Hey Everyone! So I have been looking into everything I can to make the server more unique to make it the place to be. Specifically I have been looking at a possible new surf timer. Currently we use the most popular surf timer for opensource which is CKSurf and thats what most servers use unless they have the money to shell out for a custom timer. Previously while Lucidious was our head admin we were looking into another surf timer that is actually more uptodate than cksurf but have not seen any other servers using it other than Private Passworded servers. This Surf Timer is call the Influxtimer. I am currently in the process of testing this surf timer out to see if it will give our server an edge over others out there. I will update this thread with updates about the timer as I research it. So please keep an eye here if you are interested!
  11. SharK

    Surf Promotion

    Announcing the promotion of @ItsVortex to Head Admin.
  12. SharK

    Surf Server Map List!

    Ok that is very odd because looking into FTP both utopia maps are there, I tested it by deleting my local map files for both of them and changed to those maps and I downloaded just fine, but yet they are not showing on the database map list which is very very weird because I websyncd again today and it told me no new files were available and the websync was complete. So yea I will have digidy help me look into this because that should not be happening.
  13. SharK

    Surf Server Map List!

    We still have Surf_Utopia_njv on the server. In fact we actually have 2 different versions of Utopia the other one is Surf_Utopia_v3 and it has the much higher end zone finish as well as having the secret jail area where you can pick up the big machine gun that essentially increases your speed while on your next run until you fail or restart. So we have the legit normal utopia and then we have the fun cheating utopia if you will. As far as the default map that the server goes to when the server restarts it was changed from Utopia to Beginner as more people prefer beginner to utopia and beginner is easier so it does tend to attract more players. @James
  14. SharK

    Intro :)

    What @Tizona said
  15. SharK

    Surf Maps Additions

    Hey everyone! So on the server we currently have quite a few maps already there, however we want to continually make the server bigger and better as we can. Please if there are certain maps you would like added to the server that we don't currently have be it maps in the Tier 1 - Tier 3 Range then please post them here or you can message me or 1 of the surf staff directly or even find us on Teamspeak. We have been doing a lot to keep this server going but we want the whole community to be involved in some way or another. On a side note: we are still looking for more staff for the server. I have room for 2 Moderators and 1 Admin and from that I will promote from within to be the new Head Admin. If you feel you qualify to be staff on the server and feel you can contribute I invite you to apply and show us what you can do. Back to the main topic. Please guys we can keep the server going with what we have but if the whole community gets involved it can be even better. Thanks for reading this post and stay tuned for more updates to the server.