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  1. Hobo

    What do you use for your gaming setup?

    Lmao stfu ray. Being a Hobo, my computer is actually made from garbage. It's the equivalent of: Intel Core i3 3220 CPU @ 3.30GHz, NVIDIA GeForce 750 Ti 1GB V-Ram, 8GB DDR3. No one will call you that
  2. Hobo

    Post your setups!

    Here's me with that amazing setup
  3. Hobo

    Finally Leaving AG :(

    My heart can't take this, man.
  4. Hobo

    LazyBoy's Unblacklist request

    Sorry but, if he says he is already aware of this stipulation and (obviously) agreed to it in his original post, what's the point of even bringing it up? I am sorry for excessively posting on this, I just want my lazy back. D':
  5. Hobo

    LazyBoy's Unblacklist request

    It literally says in his original post that he is well aware of the fact that he may not get staff ever, but that's not even the point to this request. He wants to be apart of the community, but only to be a player, he never said he wanted staff again, and probably expects never to get/earn staff again. The only thing he wants to earn is the communities trust that he will never make a harsh, impulsive and dumb decision like this again. Please everyone, read the full thread entirely, and actually get your information straight, before saying things that just aren't true.
  6. Hobo

    LazyBoy's Unblacklist request

    Obviously a +1 from me. Lazy is a good guy who made some bad mistakes. He made the mistake of leaving AG. I know for a fact that he did not cause mass staff resignation because for one, I was already resigned. Two, I was there when everyone found out about IA, and lazy asked no one to leave, and asked no one to join. We all did that of our free wills and it was our own ideas to join. #FreeLazy (no ban pls)
  7. Hobo

    It's Hobo here

    only left for like 3 days, been back for like 20. Where you been b
  8. Banning guns/increasing the amount of strictness of gun control in a place where there are millions of guns =/= less victims. Take a look at Chicago for example: Some of the strictest gun laws in the COUNTRY, but is one of the highest ranked cities for shootings and homicides in America. I %100 percent agree with this. It would probably keep most of the crazies with guns away from the populace.
  9. Hobo

    It's Hobo here

    Why yes I did
  10. Hobo


    Ayyyyy, what's up Stuart, glad to see you got a name that is your own.
  11. Hobo

    Forum Mod Application

    lmao dont think this is xenforo Neutral. You are a nice respectable guy, and can staff a server pretty damn well, but I think your application could use a little more effort.
  12. Hobo

    Michael Rosen

    Hey man, how's it going?
  13. Hobo

    Add These Emojis:

    Plus fucking one, yes please
  14. Hobo

    Favorite TV Shows

    For me it has to be Friends The Flash Stranger Things Supergirl American Dad Young Justice Pretty much anything DC comics related lol
  15. Hobo

    Special Award Claim

    AG please