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  1. Kina

    intro new ag

    I Want To Die
  2. Kina

    [ban appeal][discord]Kina

    delete this ive gotten the intel necessary.
  3. Kina

    [ban appeal][discord]Kina

    Your In-Game Name: Kina#3709 Your Steam ID: N/A Reason for Ban: idk I went to take a look at the discord today and I guess im banned? How Long is Your Ban?: idk Why Should You Be Unbanned: I didnt break any rules that I know of, didn't do anything. My last contact was literally just asking about the discord picture lul Be Honest, Was Your Ban Justified?: NOmegalul Any Other Words You Would Like to Add: feelsbadman
  4. Kina

    [Teamspeak Staff Application][:^Sh@rK^:]

    I'll say this and leave it at a neutral. I wouldnt mind you being staff youd probably be fine for it. However I talked to Goob like a month ago and I dont really wanna just put him out there but he was unhappy with the size as well as handling of obligations from the current staff among other things. My solution would be to postpone the decision of this application until Goob does what he wants with the ts. As it is now there is no need for more staff, it's almost just a position to get a free channel. However if you would like more power over the surf sections in ts such as creating sub channels and essentially ownership of the surf channel I dont see a problem with that since you are surf SM. If you already have it then great, if not then you should have it. That way, at least for the time being, you get the minimum of what you actually need to foster some activity for ts through surf and we avoid adding another member to an outdated and overpopulated staff list.
  5. Kina

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    I see that but your argument was that he was being lumped in with the trolls. Yet Goob literally posts him advertising the TS in AG shoutbox as well as making an alt to troll on forums lol I'm just curious why he didnt at least try to explain why he would advertise in shoutbox or him making alts to troll. Just seems odd considering hes innocent and was just lumped in with Tytis.
  6. Kina

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    I think this might be worth noting so I have received word on pretty much the only Jayce response to goobs post.
  7. Kina

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    To elaborate on this. It appears not only did they know the consequences, these edgelords did it BECAUSE they wanted the consequences as well as trying to get other members to do the same. It's a step further than just knowing the consequences and making a near sighted mistake.
  8. Kina

    Need the community's thoughts

    Im gonna have to agree with the bot here. ur gay
  9. Kina

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    i mean if what you say is true they all colluded to do it as well as trying to get others to do it as well, therefore ill stand by my statement. I dont think someone can run with a group and actually do what they are doing and claim ignorance and innocence.
  10. Kina

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    -1 I knew about the fees on chargebacks from streamers having the issue but didnt realize that this guy and his friends charge backing $50 turned into a $125 loss. I'll say that if he was banned over a year ago then its whatever but if its been less than a year then leave him for now.
  11. Kina

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    If this is even close to true then thats pretty bad lol tagging these fucks again to shed some light. @P2 @GoobNitro
  12. This guy can barely form coherent sentences let alone stage a coup against me
  13. Kina

    hey someone ban this kina asshole

    Hey this is Kina's sister. Kina died last night. Not sure if it was cystic fibrosis or suicide but we got word this morning his body was found. Thoughts and prayers.
  14. Kina


    This is the best thread of the new forums archive asap