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  1. Tizona


    seems like it going by gametracker
  2. Tizona


    oh god
  3. Tizona

    [Article] Teamspeak & Ventrilo aren't Dead

    just because you dont talk to the other people in ts doesnt mean its dead lmfao
  4. Tizona

    Real Shit

    Old forum was pretty boring imo, not like its going to bring it back to life so dont really see a point in changing. Seems like extra work for @NaisA- (think hes forum guy still)
  5. Tizona

    [CSGO Staff Application][Bested]

    ill pass, mesa and utopia 24/7 is pretty boring
  6. Tizona

    [CSGO Staff Application][Bested]

    yeah gotta make sure im reading our EXTREMELY active forums, lotta shit going on. /s
  7. Tizona

    [CSGO Staff Application][Bested]

    idk bout this one chief
  8. Tizona

    Intro :)

    Who are you again?
  9. Tizona

    [Forum Staff App][Cute_eBoy]

    If you can actually not go into dyrus mode +1
  10. Tizona


    he didnt do a very good job OMEGALUL
  11. Tizona

    Surf Server Tier Level

    change ur fucking picture u spaz lmfao
  12. Tizona

    [CS:GO Staff Application] [:^Sh@rK^:]

    +1 but is there an official sm for surf rn? Idk who you'd be under. I think karisma is just a dev for it with headline. edit: nvm karisma has the forum role for it, im blind.
  13. Tizona

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    If lazy did also refund and jayce's ban seems to be purely based off the refund, then he maybe should be treated equally. Although there was a lot of advertising and shit, it seems like goob and p2 werent gonna blacklist them for it if I understood right. Not really a firm believer of changing blacklist reason after it has happened and an appeal is made.
  14. Tizona

    Jayce Blacklist Appeal

    Did lazy constantly advertise in shout box and actively try to get blacklisted? Did he also refund? Genuinely curious since I didnt really pay too much attention while it was happening. He wasnt in goobs shoutbox history and not mentioned at all. ik he was like the co-owner and shit but if he didnt really troll and advertise his shit they shouldnt be lumped together.