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  1. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:94560 Age: Have You Previously Staffed for AG?: No What Days Will You Be Available: Everyday Have You Invited Friends to the Server/Community?: Yes Tell us about yourself, like your skills, why do you want to apply to this, etc. I have been playing 1.6 JB for a while now, and I would like to step into the CS:GO world. Today, I played some CS:GO JB, and I had a blast. I believe that with my past administration experience in 1.6, I can make a great moderator for our new JB server. I have extensive knowledge of the players of AG and the JB mod. With this, I am able to make a fun, exciting and stable gameplay environment. Let's make JB into the JB that we know.
  2. It’s Subsy, it’s subs— KOS SUBSY Good to see ya here man, we had fun today.
  3. Gang knives. @Crooked @Farid
  4. We can never escape the sneedmins! Welcome to AG
  5. Welcome to AG, JoKi! ❤️
  6. Here is the official music thread. Just post YT links, Spotify playlists, whatever. Hit it!
  7. That’s a High Quality Post in my book. Welcome back Brontes
  8. All he ever wanted to do was sneed infinitely
  9. Everybody needs a Tangy in their lives. Welcome back bud ❤️ #Tangy4Vet
  10. Rebellious


    12th bitches
  11. Can’t wait to jump off the battle bus and tag up [AG] !

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