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  1. Rythm

    Gmod TTT Server Release

    Ay yoo gl with server homes.
  2. Rythm

    Real Shit

    Watchu talking bout dawg, old forms were the best, kept the same layout from the old AG forums and looked good, it can def be improved upon tho. It dont matter If they can't make it seem like we still have 6k members, what matters is the history behind all those members and posts!! #bringbackoldforums2k19
  3. Rythm

    Real Shit

    Yo real talk here my g, its almost been a year since we switched forums(march 2018 to be exact) nd in my opinion it was the wrong decision!! https://archive.allied-gaming.com/ I miss the old forums! the butthead owners should switch back to xenforo, it would look much better to have 6k members on the forums than a measly 300. please vote
  4. Rythm

    exploited times on surf_the_gloaming

    wow very humble of you snowy, could have keepen it quiet and kept the rank #1 for yourself. Snowy for admin 2k18
  5. Rythm

    C H U N G U S

    Its yo boi big chungus here, old member but i went by a different alias. I am here to drop some knowledge on yall