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  1. spades


    I don't do that shit my g, I sniffed one time still and ended up in another country but that is just that one time. I drink mainly baby.
  2. spades

    Grill Advice (Seriously)

    What the fuck did I just read.
  3. spades


    When you send me those curvy nudes you promised man time ago ❤️
  4. spades

    :^Sh@rK^: is Back

    Nah f it. Weren't you unemployed the other time and begged man for a fiver? I'm just curious if its the same Shark or nah. You said you good so im just bussin a little joke.
  5. spades

    :^Sh@rK^: is Back

    Oh wow. Not even gonna say nuttin...
  6. spades

    Talking About Random Shit #16

    Crossing my fingers still.
  7. spades


    Hello. New here. Won't be on much until summer when I am off work and uni. Hopefully there will be a jailbreak server by then. -Shovel