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  1. P2


    Is that THE spades? Wassup my man.
  2. P2

    Talking About Random Shit #16

    I wish i had a cool scar story but the most i've been hurt was prob when I was like 4 and i jumped into a kid sized pool, hit the other side and almost drowned to death, 8 stitches above my left eye. Other then that I sometimes get gnarly cuts on my fingers and hands since I work with knives all day.
  3. IDK I get a lot of randoms to play with us on ts, its not a lot but its not stagnant either.
  4. Big move by Microsoft, I feel as if the gaming scene is moving towards full crossplay some day. Microsoft is pulling ahead of Sony who have shown that they are not as willing to allow crossplay.
  5. Yea I don't think the article it self meant that our Teamspeak isnt dead but Teamspeak in general. Lots of active servers on gametracker, I remember way back when I used to go through the server lists on gametracker to find a server to troll on. 😎
  6. this article reminded me a lot of our Teamspeak and describes very well what happened back then and how I feel about all of it. Though it talks highly of ts3, vent and mumble, the times have changed and Discord is top dog now. While we wont ever get rid of Teamspeak, we do need to change with the times and try out new things like discord. p.s can we please get a ts3 widget on forums? :P
  7. P2

    Gmod TTT Server Release

    ayyyy I'll try and be there. lets get it going again.
  8. P2


  9. P2

    [ban appeal][discord]Kina

    So u prob missed it but kiwi/Ron deleted our discord so we had to start over. That's why your not in it anymore. Here's the new invite link for anyone that needs it: https://discord.gg/mdyEPz9 we will rebuild. Locked.
  10. Add me on League: P2 BR I'll invite you to the AG club for the tag and whatnot if your not already in it. We should just start playing together, I'm always down for a game.
  11. It comes with great regret and shame that we are announcing the retirement of all AG game servers. Over the next few weeks we will be working on saving backups for each of the servers and removing them from the box one by one. The "Surf" server will be the only server remaining online during this process. It has been apparent in the last few years that hosting successful community game servers isn't as easy as it once was. The scene has changed a lot since we started hosting servers and unfortunately it just isn't viable for AG to continue running game servers. This isn't to say this is the end of AG, nor does it mean we can't have servers again in the future, we just need to collect ourselves and try something new. We are currently looking to try out a new path for AG, and we need everyone's help to make sure we do it right. We will be getting rid of our current dedicated box after the, servers, files, and databases have been backed up and saved. Once we have removed the box we may get a virtual server later on, to put the "Surf" server back online to continue to allow players to have a server to play on. Removing the box/servers unfortunately is a necessary decision we must make in order to to make sure we can keep AG going for as long as possible. With the removal of all of the game servers and the box we will also be making a big change to the way staff work in Allied-Gaming. We are no longer having individual server staff between forums/ts3/discord and the servers. We will now just be having 2 global staff ranks: Administrator and Moderator. This means that there is going to be a full staff wipe. This includes all: Forum Admins, Forum Moderators, Overseers, Event Managers, Server Managers, Head Admin, CSGO Admins/Mods, Gmod Admins/Mods, Teamspeak Staff, and Discord Staff. Members will now be able to apply to become an allied-gaming moderator which has global staff access among all AG related services(TS3/Discord/Future Servers). These staff changes/wipes will happen gradually as we remove each server one by one from the box. Going forward we have a few ideas in mind. Our first step is going to be focusing a lot more on Discord and creating a "Division System". With this system players activity will be monitored throughout the community: Discord, Forums, Teamspeak, game servers, etc. When users are active throughout the community they will generate points which will be shown through monthly/total leader boards. Members will also be able to join Divisions/Teams which will pool members points to form a Division leader board. Divisions will also be able to compete against other divisions by battling it out via a game(LoL,RL,PubG,GMOD,CSGO,ETC) to win additional leader board points as well as other prizes! We want to do this right so we are going to have a dev build us a plugin that tracks all this on forums. Throughout the history of AG in the times that we were at our peaks there was usually a lot of cliques and beef between them, while we dont want to endorse drama we do feel like this new system would capitalize on that and create healthy banter/shittalk between divisions. With this new system AG wont be limited to just CSGO or GMOD anymore because we no longer focus on running/managing our own servers and instead focus on providing a fun and enjoyable space for members to play any type of game they chose. Members will be able to form their own divisions that focus around the types of games they like to play. So if you prefer Pubg to CSGO join our PubG division and compete today. If you prefer LoL or Dota 2 we have Divisions for that too. Any game type, big or small, we can find someone to play with you. We understand this is a large change that will require trial and error to get right, which is why we want your feedback. Do you like this new path we're taking or do you think we should try out something else? This thread is for us to discuss the future of the community so feel free to express everything you feel about the community and how you think we can change things around.
  12. P2

    Giveaways in Discord

    Ayyy great job SoBe. I'll go ahead and advertise the giveaway on the steam group too.
  13. P2

    Where tf did my account go? Artillery

    Welcome back Artillery! What have you been up to?
  14. P2


    What's ur rsn boi