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Everything posted by Its_Vortex

  1. lets add a meme channel in discord i want to see everyone's memes as well as post my own
  2. im saying omnific is doing it also
  3. Surf_omnific_ is in the sever shark had it to where only admins could change to it idk if you wanna keep it in or like shark had it also cant keep speed like annoyance stage 4 and surf_ace but all stages more bugs comming soon
  4. so just a post about the issue once a day and it will get fixed in 3 - 5 business days.
  5. so what you're saying is i cant go straight to @DigidyDOG for all the crashes and bugs i find
  6. Its_Vortex

    Zer04k Intro

    Welcome back my boi.
  7. Ive cut my foot open one time had to get stitches, and another i cut my thumb open. that also had to have stitches.
  8. Its_Vortex

    Im back

    Hey everyone im back and ive been gone for a while trying to get my life together. i used to be a old surf head admin for those who dont know. im just here to say hi im glad to be back

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