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  1. Fush

    intro new ag

    Oh are you new here? welcome to the community im sure youll fit right in 💩
  2. Fush

    I'm Turning 21

    weeds legal in cali, so u could hit up a dispensary
  3. Fush

    This is why..

    bro there hasnt been anything to help with.
  4. Fush

    4000th post

    he means total in ag, you ape. Who hires these owners? Edit: 4006 btw
  5. Fush

    4000th post

    4005, fuck with a nigga no @
  6. you'd be better than that other dalton, that guys a loser. come and @me
  7. Fush

    Community Nights

    sorry only play fortnite and watch ninja, dont have time for anything else. Over and out, Emokid3204
  8. Fush

    Wizard 101

  9. Alright boys, @Kina has made a little sarcastic comment on my last post and thus has won the battle. But FUCK ME IF YOU THINK I'M GONNA LET HIM WIN THE WAR. I've devised a new plan. So devious that no mortal human would be able to conceive such a thought. Any owners avert your eyes now. I don't want to get you guys caught up in the cross fire, because you wont be able to contain this bullet hell of a war that's about to unravel. Okay my loyal followers what you have been waiting for, the plan. We the resistance are going to go to every single one of Kina's posts and down vote him. I know, I know its a lot to take in. your puny brains are having trouble even perceiving this correctly at the moment, but you gotta stay with me here because there is more to come. Not only will we go to old posts and down vote them, but every time he tries to make a new post or dare I say an attempt at humor, BOOM that's when we strike. I want dislikes flying left and right, his father and sister crying in the back, and all his little Teamspeak friends forced to join our side because we will have power in numbers. It won't be easy. I'm not blind. I've seen his army. I did some hardcore calculus and conducted that he has a total of no more than 15 people that regularly go in and out of his channel. But hopefully with this strategy he'll be so overwhelmed that he will have no other choice than to leave the community forever. Alright soldier if you've made it this far god bless you and safe travels. I'll see you on the battlefield. -BigMoneyFishLee
  10. Fush

    hey someone ban this kina asshole

    yeah i clapped that nigga up side the head. ol bloke had er comin. Shouldn't of tried to mess with me and my huge biceps. I mean i'm fucking massive, HOLY SHIT. Imagine super man on steroids. then also imagine him not being a big bitch. Side note: id beat that super man niggas ass, heard he a bitch. -TopShaggerFish
  11. I was spamming the n word, channel hopping, poke spamming, and having autistic fits in the main lobby; you know, a normal Tuesday evening and this @Kina guy all high and mighty came in and banned me for 30 minutes at 2 in the morning. IK IK I cant believe the nerve of this complete and utter clitoris either. Something needs to be done, he is abusing and harassing the entire community. Or well just mainly me, but i'm the most important person in the world so its basically like the entire community. This would have never been allowed in CG. @Kina fight me nigga
  12. Fush

    New chat for artists

    thank god get that shit out my media chat. <3
  13. Fush

    What's cracking?

    lmao cg bhop :puke: