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  1. KingRoss

    Give us our retired back

    +1 not only do I want my tag back because I loved it. It also shows how hard the people who earned it worked and it gives them a reward for doing such a hard job as staff when they resign.
  2. KingRoss

    Mr. Richard Cranium's Resignation

    RIP forums losing the only good staff member (JK STOP GETTING SALTY) Anyway thx rich for the hard work, gl with the 2 jobs.
  3. KingRoss

    King Ross

    I guess I will post another introduction post because this is considered a new community. Sorry I am so late to this just haven't been in a post making mood. I am King Ross have been in AG for about 2 years. I have been High Staff before and am currently TS Admin. Some things to know about me personally is that for one I am 17 years old, I play football for my high school, I lift in my spare time, and I just chill with my squad. Some shit I like to do while on the computer is play pubg, talk in ts, and play whatever people are playing. I am pretty chill for the most part and try to stay away from drama now because of the shit that comes with it. I try to help in AG whenever I can and whenever I am asked. If you bring drama to me or try to get me in drama I am most likely gonna just cut you off. Only time I get into drama is if it is necessary which at that point is a problem for me. Other than all that shit I am King Ross my profile pic on forums, ts, and steam is my dad dressed up as a pimp cus it is funny to me and is a pretty nice avatar pic. Also for all the new people that came back to AG welcome maybe we can talk sometime and get to know each other.
  4. KingRoss

    What was your first game?

    First game I have ever played was Frogger's Adventures: Temple of the Frog on the GameBoy. First console game was Call Of Duty 2. First PC game was Counter-Strike: Source.
  5. KingRoss

    LazyBoy's Unblacklist request

    To go back to what I said I never said the community was being shut down I said walrus my co owner was not paying for 2 months and I had enough with him and left. I could of stayed because another person called merz was merging with us and Walrus was going to be dev. I never said walrus was leaving I just said he didn't want to be owner. IA is still probably going to be a thing because of merz but I don't want to be apart of it anymore. I should of added this to my original post but I forgot because I wrote this last night before I went to bed.
  6. KingRoss

    LazyBoy's Unblacklist request

    Ok I just want to defend myself because you are putting false information and I do not want this going around. 1. I have never made alternate accounts to harass and never said AG was dead. People from my school that were in the community had the same IP as me because I have logged in on schools ip before and P2 and Goob had to treat it as if it was me. I know this doesn’t sound the best but it is true and I have messaged P2 privately to explain it to him when it did happen. 2. What I wrote on P2 profile was a joke and it was in June 2017 when I was in AG and high staff? https://gyazo.com/c2aeb56be4459fc4c6ebf639ffae7e03 3. What I did and what Headline did are complete different. I don’t know Headline but what I have heard is he broke servers on purpose to fuck over AG. I simply just left being a dumbass. 4. I never harassed anyone in AG and even if it wasn’t failing I would want to come back I talked every single day to people in AG and people in my community that I wanted to be unblacklisted. Everyone thinking that I harassed and tried to do harm to the community please do not listen to that. That is false information and not once have I ever made tons of accounts to do so.
  7. KingRoss

    LazyBoy's Unblacklist request

    I am Writing this on behalf of Lazyboy900. I think that everyone should give Lazy a fair chance and consider him coming back. He is a good guy and is truly sorry for what he has done. I think he learned his lesson and all he wants is to comeback and talk to everyone. Your Forum Username: Lazyboy900 Your Steam id: STEAM_0:1:107071147 Admin that banned you: P2 and Goob Length of ban: Blacklist (Permanent) Why were you banned?: for conspiring against AG I was planning on making my own community in secret, when goob asked me why I resigned I wasn't truthful, I caused mass staff resignation, I spread false info for the trolls to come on forums and stir shit up. and I decided to be direct competition with AG because we made a DCRP Multiverse RP server. Why should we consider unbanning?: You should consider unbanning me because I know what I did was wrong I want to apologize I fucked up and I deserved the Blacklist But I think I deserve a second chance in the Community. P2 and Goob had to look out for AG they did what they needed to do. Now I know I did a big fuck up, but I did do lots of good things for AG. I know just because I did good things does not make it OK for me to do what I did and I am sorry. All of this was never my intention though, and all I wanted was to try and do something I was not ready for, make a community from scratch. P2 and Goob were right, having your own community is hard and I now have more respect for both of them more than I ever did before. Now for what happened and why I am asking for an unblacklist, I never wanted to be blacklisted and when I talked to P2 and Goob I was really sad and upset at the fact that I was being blacklisted. After a week or so I started to realize what I did and how this affected them and the community as a whole. I felt so bad and was regretting everything I did. By no means am I trying to act like this to get unblacklisted this was how I was legitly feeling and I wanted to be unblacklisted this whole time. I know everyone will view me differently now and not trust me and I am ok with that. I know I will have to work on getting everyones trust back and I am willing to do that. I am also aware that I may not even get a staff rank back ever again and I am ok with that. All I want is to talk to my friends in the community again and try and be apart of the community again as a member. For the last part on how I learned my lesson. Before I even made the choice to leave Walrus was bugging me and asking me to leave about a month before I even left. I don’t want to blame it all on Walrus because he wasn’t the one that forced me to make the post and leave to him. However he was a huge factor because he was always in my ear saying how bad AG was and how much better of a community we would have than AG. Of course I know that it doesn’t make it right on how I left but I just want to point out I never asked anyone from my staff team to leave AG and told them to come into my community. I never told them to resign, I never told them to shitpost, and I never said join my community. I just want to point that out so everyone doesn’t have the idea that I told people and planned mass resignation. Now what the final straw was for me leaving IA and wanting to come back to AG was that Walrus screwed the whole community over. He messaged me yesterday saying he wanted to give up on the community because he didn’t want to be owner he stated that it was boring. I asked him than what’s going to happen to IA and he said that he isn’t paying for another month and after next month that’s the rest of IA. He also said I would of done this sooner but I didn’t want to prove P2 and Goob right so I waited another week. This ended things with me and IA and also made me make this unblacklist request sooner. Now I only want to be unblacklisted so I can talk to everyone again and gain their trust. Once again I am sorry for all the things I have done and I hope everyone can forgive me.