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  1. Cute_eBoy

    [Article] Teamspeak & Ventrilo aren't Dead

    considering no new members join the ts at all im gonna go with its dead.
  2. Cute_eBoy

    [Article] Teamspeak & Ventrilo aren't Dead

    yeah ts is pretty dead lol
  3. Cute_eBoy

    C H U N G U S

    dead meme get a life
  4. Cute_eBoy

    Real Shit

    the forums are fine rn no need to change what asian has put a lot of time and work into
  5. Cute_eBoy

    intro new ag

    im new as well, welcome to ag
  6. Cute_eBoy

    New to AG

  7. Cute_eBoy

    sawilson is back! But...

    idk u but wb ig lol
  8. Cute_eBoy

    Fully Custom TTT Server ?

    I know AG really wants to move away from the servers, but I 100% believe we should have a Custom TTT server. I know we had a semi-custom TTT, however no one wants to play on a semi-custom TTT server. With a Custom TTT server, we could bring in new members to the community, and get this place fucking poppin.
  9. Cute_eBoy


    not much brother, wbu ?
  10. Cute_eBoy

    [Discord Staff App] [Gilbert]

    feedback appreciated
  11. Cute_eBoy

    Grill Advice (Seriously)

    yeah just break up with her. its clearly obvious shes going to keep cheating on you n shit. if u want my boy pussy is available til @DmMeToePics takes it
  12. Cute_eBoy

    [Discord Staff App] [Gilbert]

    just cause i suck dick doesnt make me a fag, nerd
  13. Cute_eBoy

    [Discord Staff App] [Gilbert]

    i unblocked u dw
  14. Cute_eBoy

    [Discord Staff App] [Gilbert]

    Discord ID: 251206501971132416 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:55286968 Steam URL: http://www.steamcommunity.com/profiles/7...8070839664 Age: 18 Timezone: Central About yourself: im here im queer Server score: 21294 Staff experience: Discord Staff x1, Old AG TTT and Surf Admin, CG Forum Staff, Gmod TTT Admin, CSGO TTT Admin, CSGO JB Admin, CSGO Surf Admin How active are you on the forums?: Its kind of dead right now and I'm waiting for the whole divisions thing and new forums, so not that active. How many hours/weeks will you be active for?: 24/7. Discord is always on my other monitor Which discord rules are most commonly broken?: Spam, Racism, Harrassment Will you try to be unbiased when handling situations involving your friends? Ofc Why do you want to be staff?: Since Drules and Crow don't do shit, I feel like someone other than Moot should do stuff. What is something you would like to accomplish while being staff?: 50k server score and new members in the discord
  15. Cute_eBoy

    Old Acc

    you cant its impossible