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  1. Cute_eBoy

    [ban appeal][ts3][dyrus]

    Your In-Game Name: Don Bongo (gilbert in ts3) Your Steam ID: Not Needed Reason for Ban: N/A How Long is Your Ban?: 2 Days Why Should You Be Unbanned: It was an accident and for some stupid fucking reason admins can't unban people. Be Honest, Was Your Ban Justified?: No, it was an accident Any Other Words You Would Like to Add: To the stupid retard in charge of TS3 make it so admins can unban people. Makes 0 sense as to why they can ban but can't unban.
  2. Cute_eBoy


    surfing on csgo
  3. Cute_eBoy


    youre not the real spades
  4. Cute_eBoy

    [Article] Teamspeak & Ventrilo aren't Dead

    considering no new members join the ts at all im gonna go with its dead.
  5. Cute_eBoy

    [Article] Teamspeak & Ventrilo aren't Dead

    yeah ts is pretty dead lol
  6. Cute_eBoy

    C H U N G U S

    dead meme get a life
  7. Cute_eBoy

    Real Shit

    the forums are fine rn no need to change what asian has put a lot of time and work into
  8. Cute_eBoy

    intro new ag

    im new as well, welcome to ag
  9. Cute_eBoy

    New to AG

  10. Cute_eBoy

    sawilson is back! But...

    idk u but wb ig lol
  11. Cute_eBoy

    Fully Custom TTT Server ?

    I know AG really wants to move away from the servers, but I 100% believe we should have a Custom TTT server. I know we had a semi-custom TTT, however no one wants to play on a semi-custom TTT server. With a Custom TTT server, we could bring in new members to the community, and get this place fucking poppin.
  12. Cute_eBoy


    not much brother, wbu ?
  13. Cute_eBoy

    [Discord Staff App] [Gilbert]

    feedback appreciated
  14. Cute_eBoy

    Grill Advice (Seriously)

    yeah just break up with her. its clearly obvious shes going to keep cheating on you n shit. if u want my boy pussy is available til @DmMeToePics takes it
  15. Cute_eBoy

    [Discord Staff App] [Gilbert]

    just cause i suck dick doesnt make me a fag, nerd