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  1. After looking at the map, I removed the triggers, then Mister Mario shed some light on how the map is supposed to be and I put them back. You are forced at go high on those ramps. I will look into adding lasers to the top of those triggers so you know how high to go.
  2. surf_network_2009 is removed see changelog, surf_rainbow will have to wait for me to have more time to get to stripping it surf_lodypreview is removed see changelog, zoning issues will be addressed when I have more time. surf_kitzune_nb has more than one file with different size not really sure why there are a bunch of maps. I removed them and are now updated in FastDL *Note to self still need to be addressed* Surf_be_gentle not zoned Surf_gleam missing zones Surf_rainbow - The anti-gravity fan is fucked, won't let you finish the map.
  3. Making it so you don't have to refresh the page to get "xxx was posted 10 min ago" refresh the page and it says "xxx was posted 1 hour ago" or new topics and such.
  4. I am silver 6 in MM...but I mean I be dropping top frag every game in that level. Gfuel is my real skill. I drink one of those every game we will win this tourny.
  5. nope just 3 Day Festival Plus. I really don't want to bring my setup. If I like it and what to do the Lan side of it in the future I will make a better rig for traveling.
  6. I bought my ticket (wow they are expensive) my 4 nights at the Hyatt Regency are cheaper then the event tickets lol. This will be my first "vacation" since ... ... ... The 4000 mile road trip I took 2 summers ago. Another question how are we going to stay up for 48+ hours since the venue is open 24 hours? This is going to be better than MineCon. Yeah I tried to buy tickets to MineCon 2018 but they sold out in like 5 seconds also after watching all the cringe videos I am glad I didn't go. Side note why the fuck did they also have to have a Fortnite tournament? Fuck Fortnite! Fuck Epic Games they can "suck it." - Burton Guster, (Dulé Hill)
  7. He's coup! He's fucking coup! Alright our next strat 6 stack on cat so you can see into bomb site b.
  8. I will be a Dreamhack woot. I will be at the Hyatt Regency 8 min away from the Convention Center. I am going to get there a day early and leave a day late. I can't wait!
  9. Probably the only time I would ever have a DreamHack close enough for me to go. If I can figure out living arrangements I am so down.
  10. This should already be fixed I just loaded ace_fix its working fine
  11. Hey peoples. Thanks for helping me stay organized and efficient with getting problems sorted out. Its hard to fix issues when I have 10 different way for people to contact me. Please, I can't stress it enough report any and all problems with surf on this thread so I can get it taken care of in a timely manner (Valve Time)! Thanks you! Change log can be found here.
  12. As of right now these issues have been investigated and addressed. https://allied-gaming.com/topic/40-change-log-surf/ Please post new bugs in the report a problem thread.
  13. This is where the change log will be record. I will get to each bug as soon as I can. Report Bugs Here LEGEND: + = ADDED - = REMOVED * = FIXED / CHANGED / UPDATED ========================== October 20th 2019: * !knife and !ws have been update to have the new knife and new cs20 skins. October 13th 2019: + surf_mesa_revo_go - surf_network_2009 (Find me the map I will add it back) - surf_lodypreview (Find me the map I will add it back) * surf_mesa_revo_go stripping weapons October 5th 2019: - surf_lt_omnific_ (I am not shark and this map has no need to be on a T 1-3 server sorry for all the tryhards) October 4th 2019: + surf_heaven_njv zones * surf_island is now playable (It will not be comparable in times to actual "WR" since the triggers of the map are not the same and can't be made to have the exact same characteristics, I did what I could) October 3rd 2019: - playsound triggers on surf_b_r_o_x_x_x - surf_kz_mix_journeys - surf_annoyance_njv pre-speed caps on all stages - surf_awp_sk337_v3 (needs major work to convert to a skilled surf. Ain't nobody got time for that. If you can edit the map or give me a stripper file to get it to where it needs to be i'll add it back) - surf_81st_network (Crashes on map load, Workshop version is the same way. Tired to debug for about 30 min. If anyone else can find a working version that would be great) * surf_adtr_njv startzone you won't get stuck in the telehop box * surf_cancer's startzone you won't get stuck in the telehop box * Checked surf_3 appears to be working ("unplayable will load when you spawn it just a black screen." ~ @Its_Vortex) * Checked surf_004_final1 appears to be working ("same problem as Surf_3" ~ @Its_Vortex) * Checked surf_roomservice_2 doesn't crash the server but wasn't zoned. October 1st 2019: - surf_utopia_v3 (Surf_utopia_njv is still on the server. If you want to do speed runs use !style then click "fun styles" then do the "fast forward" style.) - surf_simpsons_source: Replaced with surf_simpsons_go_rc2 * surf_aircontrol: Zoned and stripped bonus. * surf_ace_fix: Prespeed on stages. * Maplist and mapcycle now reflect the actual maps on the server.

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