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  1. @snowy @Subsy I am working on it I just now saw it, what I have done so far https://allied-gaming.com/topic/40-change-log-surf/
  2. @Quittrying man there is not need to be so mean to yourself, not everyone can look as good as @GoobNitro
  3. This is very interesting and fun to watch, The exploits AI find are amazing.
  4. The issue is since the update with Shattered Web (more like shattered community servers) it is obvious to me that our current timer has very slow support if not unsupported or only community supported support and updates. I want to give our community a good surfing experience and I want to look into finding better, more up to date, functional, and SUPPORTED timer that will survive the Sourcemod syntax overhaul in the distant future and will be updated quickly by the developers after LARGE csgo updates like the Shattered Web update. As a community I would like some help finding a good alternative to Fluffy's Timer that we are currently using. Fluffy's Timer is GREAT one of the best but its age is showing and without a active developer supporting it, it will eventually cause a lot of downtime until its eventually updated or we abandon it completely with that said I was looking at this timer https://github.com/totles/z4lab-surftimer and it was updated very quickly after the shattered web update. I have not used this timer but I know you guys know timers better than I do, if we decide on a couple timers ill create a test server and begin testing and have open betas for you guys to test and give feedback after we get some feedback and get a decent timer. I really need your opinions with this since I know you guys do care about what timer is used and what timers are good. Thanks you guys I hope to discuss this issue in greater length below. LOL sorry about the colors!
  5. DigidyDOG

    MW Raid Party

    S & D only or if we get enough people we can have different lobbies? Personally I don't like nor want to play anything but S & D.
  6. DigidyDOG

    Hello :)

  7. Not sure if I can plus or minus. I also don't think I have seen much of his administration style BUT I have spent a lot of time with him in Teamspeak and Modern Warfare and I can say for 16 he is mature, doesn't really come to anger quickly, and is generally fun to be around. There is my 2 cents.
  8. @GamingPyra Glad to see you back, hope you join a teamspeak channel near you some time. Please get your computer fixed or get a new computer AMD has some decent APUs on the market for #cheap! I also declare he bring back the F1 Squad and be the leader!
  9. I agree the shoutbox needs improvements. I think the biggest thing that needs to happen with shout box its make it a sidebox then make a really nice pop out version that way people that want to shout can shout and not get in the way of the flow of the forums.
  10. The only thing I can think of is the shouting got so loud up there that a css fault line was breached.
  11. Very good video editing skills 8/10.
  12. no homo but can you knock me up instead!
  13. bitch you know I can't speak weeb wtf man
  14. I agree with what @thruman is saying we should get rid of the shoutbox entirely you know its just there always in the way and everyone is always shouting it it. Seems like people are always yelling at the top of the forums and the forums below it are always shaking since EVERYONE IS ALWAYS SHOUTING IN IT! *knocks broom on the padding below the shoutbox*

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