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Red John

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  1. You have proven yourself as active and trust worthy staff member. Congratulation @Ididntoucher on becoming a permanent Moderator.
  2. next day, @BotCloner in chat: he rdmed me off the skin, slay him
  3. Nice to meet you and welcome back
  4. @SinCo Connect your steam account on forums to get your powers. Thank you.
  5. Accepted as Moderator You shown yourself as a trust worthy guy. Welcome to the team, even though i feel threatened by alphas.
  6. Accepted as a trial Moderator. You shown yourself as a dedicated and reliable player, but we want to see more activity from you before we get you out of a trial mod. Decision will be made in a week. Good luck.
  7. Denied. Closed because its a troll application. Feel free to reapply with an actual one.
  8. @NaisA- you wanted to see mine, here you go
  9. Were you wrongfully convicted? This is the place to deal with it! Make a request and let us deal with the situation. Format for the request will be as follows: In game name: Steam Id (ex. "STEAM_0:1:103323421"): Action you want to refute (ban, mute or gag): Name of the staff member who got you convicted: Reason of the conviction given by a staff member: Duration of the conviction: Tell us your side of the story (give us more details): Were any witnesses present (names of other players):
  10. Tired of being a moderator and ready to be something more? Apply for Admin today. Admins must have at least 50 hours* on the server (Gametracker link to check your hours), previously been Moderator, be active on a daily bases, know the rules in and out but enforcing them without bias while keeping the server fun for everyone. Admins are considered higher staff members and should be able to help and guide new moderators. Application format will be as follows: In game name: Your age: Do you have a microphone? (required): How active have you been on the server (as well as number of hours): How long were you a Moderator for: Why would you want to be an Admin: Briefly explain how you were handling yourself as Moderator (a general overview of your policies and punishments): Give one or more examples of how you dealt with difficult situations: (Optional) Recommended by (names of staff members): Tell us a little more about yourself: *Number of hours is subject to change without notice.
  11. Accepted as Moderator. We need calm staff to balance screaming kids on the server. I also feel bad for you, so here you go. Welcome to the team. P.S. Connect you steam account on forums.
  12. Accepted as Moderator! We all love turtles but do not enforce rules when it is not needed, let people have fun. But we believe in you making right decisions. Welcome. P.S. Connect you steam account on forums.
  13. Accepted as a Trial Moderator Be active, friendly and dedicated. Your position will be revised in one week. It is your chance to show us that you deserve it. Good luck. P.S. Connect you steam account on forums.
  14. Approved as Moderator! You seem friendly, chill and dedicated. We also need those who can make right decisions so welcome to the team. P.S. At the next irl staff meeting, I expect you to bring us some free watches. P.P.S. Connect you steam account on forums.
  15. Accepted as Admin! Even thought you do not make me smile, you are one of the most active members and you will be a good asset to our community. You will get your server powers shortly. P.S. Before applying the rules, check our current rules, they are much lighter and not as harsh as the old ones.

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