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  • Rules for CS:GO Jailbreak

    At the beginning of every round a Warden is assigned to call days and make prisoners fight to the death, race or compete in any way until one prisoner is left alive. As a Warden it is your duty and responsibility to call fun days using the map and mini-games menu while keeping the prisoners in control and avoiding being overrun by them.

    The Prisoners can choose to follow the commands of the day and compete against fellow inmates or rebel and try to take out the guards. Prisoner's rebelling, rebel on their own risk of being killed by a Guard. The last prisoner remaining gets to play last request games of their choosing against the guards.

  • Community Rules

    1. Defamation with no proof, or harassment of players including use of offensive names is prohibited. Allied-Gaming advocates freedom of speech, but keep in mind people do not want to be harassed or to be uncomfortable.
    2. Impersonating staff or players including alternate spellings is prohibited.
    3. Macros and hacks are prohibited. Using scripts is up to staff discretion to determine if the script in question is detrimental to the game play
      • Script: A bind set up in game to allow usage of multiple in game commands (e.g Buying a deagle with full ammo pressing just one key).
      • Macro: A bind using an application to imitate keys. Holding a single key that executes preset instructions. (e.g Using a razer mouse along with razer synapse macros to bind a key to imitate g strafing or bunny hopping).
      • Hack: Any assistance given to the player outside the game, usually in the form of an executable.
    4. Abnormal speed is prohibited. This does not include normal bunny hop speed. Staff will warn players to stop if they deem their speed as abnormal.
    5. English only. This extends to both voice communication and chat.

    General Rules

    1. The prisoner to guard ratio must not exceed 2:1. Excluding the first day of a new map.
    2. The first day of a new map is always an unrestricted free day. Guards are not permitted to intentionally suicide to bypass this day.
    3. The day becomes an unrestricted freeday if no starting command is called by 8:00, or by the time the cells are opened.
    4. Favoritism is prohibited. Favoritism includes events where one player decides the outcome of who wins and who loses. e.g Joke days with one guard or one randomly selected prisoner deciding the outcome.
    5. Punishment day, cell lock down day and any days or commands commanding prisoners to remain in the cells are prohibited.
    6. Guards must have a microphone. Microphones must have clear and audible quality.
    7. Guards must speak coherently. Staff will warn players if they deem commands difficult for players to understand.
    8. Guards are not permitted to award free days, glow or heal prisoners without valid reason.
    9. Guards are not permitted to forgive rebellers or permit them to rejoin the group.
    10. Guards are not permitted to assume a prisoner picked up a gun or killed another guard through sound or any other means. Visual proof is required.
    11. Guards are not permitted to camp the gunroom.
    12. Guards are not permitted to use tasers on freedays or players with freedays during regular days.
    13. Guards can only restrict grenades for events, not the whole day.
    14. Guards are not permitted to re-transfer warden if the guard they transfered it to, transfers it back.
    15. Guards are not permitted to transfer warden whenever they are assigned warden. Staff will warn players to call if they deem the transfers excessive.

    Server Activity Guidelines

    Animal Sounds

    1. The sound must be said over microphone.
    2. At least one alive supporting guard must affirm the sound played imitates the animal in question to a sufficient degree.

    Cage Activities

    1. Activities must be at equal advantage to all non-rebelling players. Equal advantage includes announcement of the activity, fair hp if utilized and fair weaponry.
    2. If a rebeller is located or affected by an automated activity, the activity must be turned off, and the rebeller healed if any damage occurred.
    3. Intentionally enabling cage activities to force a prisoner to hunt down rebellers without the agreement of the prisoner in question is prohibited.


    1. First Reaction: The first player to perform the specific action will be selected/killed.
    2. Last Reaction: The last player to perform the specific action will be selected/killed.
    3. Reactions can not be called more than once per day if the goal is to eliminate prisoners.
    4. No more than two prisoners may be killed per day through reactions.

    Red Light, Green Light

    1. Saying anything that rhymes with any of the light commands is prohibited during red light, green light.

    Simon Says

    1. To start Simon says, the warden must state "Simon says I'm Simon".
    2. To end Simon says, Simon must state "Simon says Simon says is now over".
    3. In order to pass Simon says to another guard, Simon must state "Simon says [name of guard] is Simon".
    4. Simon may only call singular commands.

    Spelling Bee

    1. The word must be said over microphone.
    2. The word must be used in a sentence if requested by any prisoner.
    3. The word must be spelled correctly by a prisoner to win the spelling bee.


    1. The question must be typed in chat.
    2. The question must be general knowledge.
    3. The answers must be correct and must be spelled correctly unless explicitly stated otherwise.
    4. Trivia can not be called more than once per day if the goal is to eliminate prisoners.
    5. No more than two prisoners may be killed per day through trivia.
  • Last Request

    1. Last request commences when there is only one prisoner alive.
    2. Last request overrides all previous actions and voids any prior commands.
    3. There are three types of rules for last request events.
      • Custom Rules: The prisoner defines the rules. Anything not defined is allowed.
      • No Rules: No rules means no rules.
      • Standard Rules: Use only the weapons provided by the last request event. Not including the knife, unless it's a knife fight. No running away from the fight or suiciding. No cheating.
    4. The prisoner has 15 seconds to select a last request event or they can be killed.
    5. The prisoner has 30 seconds to explain their rules or they can be killed.
    6. All rules must be fair and equal or the guard reserves the right to deny the rules.
    7. If the prisoner commences the last request event without stating any type of rule, it is automatically standard rules.
    8. All 1HP and 35HP last request events are automatically standard rules.


    1. AFK Check: Giving an AFK prisoner a five second warning to follow the Warden's commands before killing them. This is only required before the timer hits [8:30]. AFK prisoners beyond that point are treated like rebellers.
    2. Cage Command: Any command that refers to the cage. "Back wall of the cage" is always outside the cage unless stated otherwise and is assumed to mean to go to outside wall of the cage.
    3. Day Command: This command will stay in effect for the entire day, or until it is ended by the Warden. [Example: You can go anywhere throughout the day, but you must be crouching and slashing your knife].
    4. Delaying: Not doing the current objective.
    5. Event Command: Event commands stay in effect for the entire event unless specified otherwise by the Warden. New commands do not override it unless specified by the Warden.
    6. Freekill: The unjust death of a prisoner. A guard is required to award that prisoner a free day the next day.
    7. Freeshot: Unjustly damaging a prisoner. The prisoner may ask a guard for a full heal.
    8. Freeze Command: Prisoners must freeze in place without movement (if a prisoner was crouching, s/he may keep on crouching during this command if they desire to continue on crouching without movement or didn't find the time to stand). Should Guards be in Taunting Range during this command, Prisoners may openly attack the Taunting Guard. (AFK Freeze and Freeze are the same. For this command the prisoners should be given 2 seconds to freeze.)
    9. Ghosting: A dead player revealing another player's position on the map, health level, weapon, etc. Ghosting is not allowed.
    10. Guard: Non-Warden Guards tasked with helping the Warden and enforcing the commands.
    11. Gun Planting: Guards deliberately giving a prisoner a weapon. This isn't allowed unless an event requires weapons.
    12. Magic Word: A term or phrase stated by the Warden that must be said in order for a chain of commands to proceed.
    13. Mass Free killing: A premeditated, intentional, and or random killing of prisoners in mass numbers of 4 or more throughout the day.
    14. Rebelling: A prisoner is considered rebelling in the following cases: Not following commands after a countdown has been issued. Not attempting to obey a command during a countdown. Buying a shop item that could cause harm to the guards. Exception: Grenades. Carrying a gun. Exception: The prisoner is gun planted or unintentionally picked up a gun from a dying player.
    15. Restricted Free Day: Guns are restricted. Guards are also able to restrict one location. Cells and hallways cannot be restricted.
    16. Ratio Free Day: Called in the event the guard-to-prisoner ratio does not meet the 2:1 ratio. First guards to die on this day have to transfer to the prisoner's team until the ratio is balanced.
    17. Command: A single command or action from the Warden.
    18. Strict Day: Guards call a cage day where prisoners take one step outside their cells and freeze or anything of that sort.
    19. Team Killing: Killing fellow prisoners or guards. Prisoners are allowed to Team Kill on Freeday and against rebelling teammates.
    20. Taunting: Renders all commands void during the event a Prisoner is being Taunted. Remains void until the Taunting Guard is out of Taunting Range. Prisoners within 2 player models range or in the act of attacking a guard are not considered rebelling unless deliberately disobeying the set command. Guards are considered taunting if they enter a prisoner's cell before [8:30]. Taunting rules do not stay in effect during freedays and last requests.
    21. Taunting Range: A guard within 2 player models distance of a prisoner or an open area containing the prisoners [for the current command/activity]. Prisoners may openly attack the Taunting Guard until they are out of Taunting Range.
    22. Unrestricted Free Day: Guards may not call any commands during the day. The prisoners must attempt to eliminate the guards.
    23. Vent: Any crawl space that has an entrance, and an exit (some vents don't require players to crouch). Vents include secret spots such as the teleportation box and the secret room in death crate in spy vs spy and scout room in Obama.
    24. Warden: The guard in charge of the day. Responsible for moving the day forward.
    25. Warning Shot: Shooting a prisoner as a warning for not following commands. This prisoner is not eligible for a heal from a guard unless the Warden allows it.


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