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  • Rules for CS:GO TTT

  • Basic Rules:

    • RDM (Random Deathmatch) is not allowed in any shape or form. This includes shooting, damaging, or killing a player without a valid reason.
    • Ghosting in any form through third party programs is not allowed. This also includes changing your steam name to give hints and/or information to living players.
    • Hacking or glitching is not allowed in any form.
    • Mic spamming or chat spamming is not allowed.
    • Offensive content, including racist and homophobic slurs, is not allowed.
    • Disrespecting/harassing players will result in a mute
    • Claiming a room is prohibited and is not a reason for KOS unless the round is in overtime (1 minute left in round).
    • In overtime (1 minute left in the round), anyone who is high-sus, is now KOS. 
      • A person can become high-sus by:
        • Being in/leaving the vicinity where someone died or shots were seen/heard being fired from.
        • Walking past an unidentified body without IDing it. 
    • No delaying. This includes camping in one spot or staying in the same spot for more than 30 seconds. This does not apply to claimed rooms in overtime.

    Traitor Rules:

    • Killing your traitor partners is worthy of a slay and is counted as RDM
    • You are responsible if you die to a partner's C4 or other T items and it is not counted as RDM.
    • Kill everyone, except fellow Traitors. 
    • You may not call invalid KOS.
  • Detective Rules:

    • Basic rules apply as well.

    Valid Reason to Kill:

    • They are Traitor-baiting, which is shooting at a player with or without the intention of killing them, shooting with a sniper rifle from a distance, or exclaiming that they are the Traitor or that a player is their traitor buddy (This counts as false KOS and is slayable).
    • They killed an Innocent or Detective (unless they are acting upon a KOS).
    • They hurt you or another player for 4 or more damage.
    • They are tested and proven to be a Traitor by a detective.
    • They are in the possession of a Traitor weapon or item without being proven Innocent (This varies depending on what weapons are able to be acquired on that map).
    • They are the only player still alive that is not proven.
    • They are attempting to prop-kill or prop-block you or another player.
    • They do not respond to a live check (only after 1:00).
    • A player calling themselves as proven falsely is KOS

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