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  • Forum Rules

    Advertisement Policy

    The intention of soliciting other gaming communities via Forums, Teamspeak, Discord, Steam or other methods is not tolerated. Any evidence brought to a higher up (Forum Admin, Root or Council Member) of this occurring will warrant a blacklist. Mentions of other communities for cross-community events are acceptable.

    Acceptable advertising links include:

    • Stream links (Twitch, YouTube, Smashcast, Mixer)

    • Twitter, Instagram links (@eggs_n_bacon)

    • & more (if you're unsure, ask a moderator)

    Unacceptable links include:

    • Referral Links

    • Rivaling Communities

    • Phishing/Scam Links

    • Personal GoFundMe Links 

    Give Relevant Feedback

    Members are not restricted to the amount of times they can post per day. However, refrain from posting off-topic or spamming. If you respond in a thread by only quoting another member's post, it is spam. Posting twice in a row or more is also spam. Additionally, if you respond to a thread which solicits an opinion, please be specific.

    Examples of a bad response - "Good Idea" "+1" 

    Examples of a good response - "I like where this is going because [insert your opinion here]"

    This rule will not be strictly enforced. Our moderation team will do their best to review all posts. Reported posts will not always result in a warning.

    Don't Quote Large Posts

    Do not quote posts bigger than 100 words in size. If necessary, highlight only the text you want to quote and use it in your reply. Please cut out any images out of your post as well. We appreciate if you did this to prevent readers from having to read a post twice and minimize page load times.

    Use a Small Signature

    To have a signature, you must second purchase one from our Forum Shop. To engage new members, they need about 20 posts before they have enough posts to purchase a signature. Once you have one, you'll be warned to limit your signature to one image. The restriction on images in your signature are 1000px and 300px. The maximum size of your signature is 350px. If your signature is too long, you will be contacted by our moderation team to shorten it's height. Further violations will result in warnings.

    Remain Respectful of Other Users

    All posts should be courteous. You have every right to disagree with your fellow community members and explain your perspective. However, you're not allowed to attack, degrade, insult or otherwise belittle them or the quality of this community. It does not matter what title or power you hold on our forums or in our community, you are expected to obey this rule.

    This rule also extends into public shaming. We do not tolerate negative topics/posts that targets any member or staff. If your topic's sole purpose is to criticize the position of a staff member or defame another member, it will be taken down and you will be warned. If you have a problem, you may Report an Admin or File a Ban Request. If you feel your problem does not belong in a forum environment, contact an administrator directly.

    Personal Information 

    As a community dedicated to being a safe haven for players of all ages, genders and ethnicity, we ask that you share as little personal information about yourself as much as possible. By giving your information out to anyone in the community, you risk your information being shared. Our administration cannot stop the sharing of personal information in our community. However, if you feel someone is targeting or threatening you with your personal information, we will take necessary action.


    Our forums uses a system called Reactions that allows you to 'react' to other member's posts, topics and status updates. Each member is allowed to react up to 2 times per 24 hours. Our moderation team will review all reactions given and spot patterns of abuse including targeting of a specific member to give up-votes or down-votes. Abuse of our reaction system will be handled by our moderation team. Know that our reaction system is a privilege, and can be taken away from any member if abused.

    Necro Posting

    Necro posting is not allowed. This includes posting on a topic that has had no replies in 30 days, replies to an introductory post 7 days after it was made, posting on an introduction post another user made before you joined and keeping any resolved thread alive. This falls under spam posts and may result in a warning by our moderation team.

    You are expected to read and agree to these rules upon signing up on our forum. Our moderation team does its best to uphold these rules. Most times we are very lenient on stretching the rules, in some cases not so much. Following these rules will help us continue to provide a safe, fun and friendly environment for all of our players and staff.