Hi my name is P2 I like long walks on the beach and to listen to Discord memes on youtube while I spy on people from my bedroom.




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Hi my name is Goobnitro I like get in discord and talk to my staff for hours and hours on end through the night making them listen to me and stay up way past when they need to so they are so tired they call in to work for the day off so I can have them work on my projects all day.

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Howdy do doody my peeps my name is the Asian or the Naisa I am an aspiring full stack developer and I love to ditch DigidyDOG at Dreamhack Events, because why not.




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Community council


Hey my name is DigidyDOG I like back-end development side of the community so please don’t talk to me.


Wassup my name is Moot I used to go by eZ’ please message me randomly to confuse me as much as you can thanks 😉

Red John

I am a coder and talk a lot of shit but see me IRL and I will run and hide and not talk to you


I am fast, but my baby is slow!


So Me

Hello my name is SoBe but Modern Warfare thinks I am a Son of a Bitch so I am now known as So Me


Wassup peeps I am chill and shit but I am a Canadian weeb