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A55M0nkey671's Application [Operator] [TTT]

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In game name: A55M0nkey671

Prior staff experience(If any): TTT Operator (Gmod & CSGO), Military RP Op (GMod)

Why you would make good staff: I would make a good staff member because I tend to become more calm and converse more to the community, whether it's about the rules, or just an average conversation. 

How active you are on the server: I tend to go for 2 Hours a day, when I'm not working or School isn't getting in the way too much

Fun fact about yourself: Quit Accepted my 1st App because he felt bad lmao

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Accepted as Moderator.

We need calm staff to balance screaming kids on the server. I also feel bad for you, so here you go. Welcome to the team.



P.S. Connect you steam account on forums.

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