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[Demote Request][Discord][Kurama Koukla]

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Webster is a troll most of the time, no abuse found here.

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On 5/2/2018 at 7:24 PM, KawaiiSatan said:

It's a little hard to try and say anything when right off the bat when i joined some people instantly told me they disliked me for no reason beyond "my friend doesn't like you" and then continued to insult me, they weren't warned at all and kurama saw all of it. 






these are just some of what people have said to me. 

Koukla did do something about it. You’re supposed to be warned by staff before they give you a warning (!warn xxxxanax “harassment”)  which is why since then I haven’t spoken to you or about you  

On 5/2/2018 at 7:53 PM, Kimilinni said:

He got her the position in the first place from what i heard. they're in on it together so they can abuse on the discord. if he doesn't like something he calls her and tells her to ban them and she does it.

She’s not abusing the discord lmfao. Before her not even the sm wanted to speak in it. She made it way better. She hasn’t abused and she doesn’t play favorites. If you break a rule you’ll be punished for it. As simple as that. On another note didn’t you leave the discord server? So why are you talking shit and claiming the sm is doing shit if you aren’t there to see any of it?  L. M. F. A. O

Huge -1 from me. Me and koukla will argue from time to time but she’s doing her job and she’s doing it right. She hasn’t abuse or targeted anybody. 

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Under Review. Thread will be locked until a decision is made.

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@Kurama Koukla is a huge part of why Discord is running as well as it is right now. She has built our Discord from the ground up and has done a great job alongside @SoBe. What @Webster has to show for supposed abuse and misuse of powers, its clear her moderation is pushing the limits. However, she is only doing what she thinks is best for our Discord, and for some people the rules have to be held to the highest degree. She has justified all of her reasoning and it lines up. 

For those that have commented on this matter in favor of the demote request, especially those who do not participate in the server, know that those targeted are instigating the problem. To fix that, just ignore each other and follow the rules of the Discord.


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