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A Message to All Members

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It has come to our attention that our forums has been compromised, and for quite some time actually. Two of our members had access to our File Manager and Databases, making it their playground for their gain. At one point they added a line in the Login script which saved and sent a plain text version of your password to an email. Every time you logged in, or changed your password, it was sent to this email.  Furthermore, when their access was taken away, they utilized @JacobThePigeon password and login information to access our NFO panel and gain control without us knowing.

While there may be no ill-intent by the two members, it still doesn't excuse what they did. Your personal information is yours and yours alone. Since discovering the issue, we have gone ahead and blacklisted the two members from the community, stripped anyone's access if they were compromised, did a fresh install of forums, and reset critical passwords. 

P2, Goob and I sincerely apologize for what's happened in AG. This should not have happened. We will use this experience to make better management decisions and only allow those we trust to have file and database access.

We ask that you all take a couple minutes to reset your password here and any other service that you may use the same password for. 

This is a very important announcement, comments below will not be allowed.

This announcement is within the GDPR Compliance - Privacy Policy

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