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[Discord Staff Application] Crow

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Discord ID: (270949148260433920)

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:86728350

Steam URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Crow1607/

Age: 16

Timezone: MT (Mountain Time)

About yourself:

My Names Crow

I'm from Canada

My favorite number is 1607

I'm TS3, Gmod and forums staff

 I've being playing a bunch of Fortnite, siege and of course Gmod lately

I work as an rv technician 

I’m heading into grade 12 and plan to go into software or electrical engineering

 Server Score: 30740

 Staff Experience:

AG Gmod TTT ~Admin

AG TeamSpeak ~Helper

AG forum ~Mod

How active are you on the forums?: On here everyday actively, don't always post 

How many hours/weeks will you be active for?: i'm on throughout the day seeing whats happening  

Which discord rules are most commonly broken?: Spam Ping, occasional trolling, harassment, drama between members and toxicity

 Will you try to be unbiased when handling situations involving your friends? Always it doesn’t be matter who you are everyone gets the same trial and punishment, people learned that from me on Gmod XD

 Why do you want to be staff?: I love discord, I enjoy staffing the Ag servers, helping out with whatever I can, keeping the discord active and friendly for everyone, discord is my main app i use for communication with friends  

What is something you would like to accomplish while being staff?: Big groups calls with members playing games 

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Application Accepted

Welcome to the Staff Team!

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