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[Forum Staff App][Cute_eBoy]

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Age: 17

TimeZone: Central

Recommended By: No one

Previous Staff Experience (Explain in detail): 
Old AG: Gmod Semi Vanilla TTT Admin, CSGO Surf Admin. 
CG: Forum Mod, CSGO TTT, JB, and Surf Admin. Gmod TTT Admin.
Current AG: Discord Mod

How Often Do You Use Forums: On the daily

How Often Do You Use Our Discord Or Teamspeak 3: I'm active on discord everyday

Why Do You Want To Become Staff: Honestly, I care about this community a ton even if sometimes I don't show it. I want to help make the forums a great place to be.
As well as help get new members to join.

Rules You Believe are Most Broken on Forums: Necro Posting and Irrelevant to Discussion Posts

Are You Willing to Host Events: Yes

If Accepted, What Do You Believe Your Impact Will Be: My impact is most likely going to be small. 

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+1 Good guy, helpful cannot wait to see what he does in the forums.

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1 hour ago, SnoopDoge said:

Neutral I don't think we really need more forum staff


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3 hours ago, Tizona said:

If you can actually not go into dyrus mode +1


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+1 great guy. Would make great staff. 

Most forum staff isn’t that active even though it really doesn’t need moderation. But nevertheless dyrus would make a great addition to the team

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On 9/7/2018 at 11:56 AM, Cute_eBoy said:

I'd appreciate more feedback 🙂

I'd still appreciate more feedback. 🙂

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@Cute_eBoy the reason I haven't replied is because Forums has been very stagnant lately. When we're fully transitioned to our new AG model I'll open this back up. Keep up the activity and positivism on forums.

Until then locked.

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