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Possible League of Legends 5v5 event?

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The idea is to have a 5v5 League battle between members in the community or other communites. Maybe having a Normal summoners rift game and possibly other gamemodes such as ARAM and Blitz. 

Now as for how is this going to be organized i'm not sure, but if we can get people to participate that would be great.

Multiple teams depending if many people decide to participate.

And an AG live stream of the event with two or more commentators 

and a possible winning team prize

do not be afraid to post your opinion. I'm looking for input on this idea. 😊

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It's a great idea. I'd like to see us participate in such events.

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Add me on League: P2 BR 

I'll invite you to the AG club for the tag and whatnot if your not already in it.

We should just start playing together, I'm always down for a game.

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