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exploited times on surf_the_gloaming

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there's an exploit on surf_the_gloaming that saves about 5 seconds that anyone can do 
it'd be pretty cool if someone could come on and zone the teleport off and remove the top 2 times on the map (mine and the guy who first exploited it) every other time is legit

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdHzlISxkuY&feature=youtu.be - here's an example 


also if  someone could put cps on the map that'd be pretty sick too 

edit: since I understand people can't always get to this stuff immediately any time faster than this image.png.c477aa5e6a22405cc65b365038cd786e.png is exploited 

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Thank you @snowy for your input I can defiantly come and strip that out teleport out, and remove those times. 

For clarification map ranks 1, 2, and 3 are exploited or just 1 and 2?

I can also add checkpoints, through out, I will add them where they seems to be a good spot for them.

Also since this is a topic for Surf I am going to move it to the surf section I feel that the suggestion/csgo forum is more for broader game suggestions as a whole.

Edited by DigidyDOG
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it's just rank 1 and 2 sorry if I made that a bit confusing 

also I didn't know there was a surf section so i'll post surf stuff there from now on sorry 

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wow very humble of you snowy, could have keepen it quiet and kept the rank #1 for yourself. 


Snowy for admin 2k18

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