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Michael Rosen

Talking About Random Shit #16

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In hopes that one day the forums will be as active as they used to be.  I will continue the Talking About Random Shit as much as possible.


So the topic for today's TARS is injuries.

What is the worst injury you have ever sustained?

For me, I recently tore my ACL and Meniscus in my right knee while I was throwing a roundhouse kick, right now I'm currently recovering.

How bout ya'll?

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I wish i had a cool scar story but the most i've been hurt was prob when I was like 4 and i jumped into a kid sized pool, hit the other side and almost drowned to death, 8 stitches above my left eye. Other then that I  sometimes get gnarly cuts on my fingers and hands since I work with knives all day.

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4 minutes ago, bested said:

stuck in a wheelchair due to a broken broken pelvis

Ayyy same, wheelchairs are lit my dude

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When I was hella young lived in California. I had this one friend I hung out with and one day while my mom was driving through the apartment complex I saw her then did the dumbest thing possible; I jumped out of the car and ended up scraping my foot hella badly and I still have the scar on my foot


Another injury that's around the same pain was when I was young, my mom and I went to an Enterprise and the door cut my cheek. #bigyikes

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5 concussions

Several burn marks

Snapped my collar bone into 3 pieces playing soccer.

Sliced my fingers open several times with a butcher knife at work.

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