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Surf Bugs, Glitches, Zones, any problems with the server

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Hi all This is a place where you can post if a map isn't working or if any bugs happen in the surf server.  


Here is what i found just looking though the server map list i stopped at the a's so i didn't go thought the whole map list yet. There is more to come.


Maps That Work




Surf_akai_final *its says its linear but i think its staged





Maps That Don't work


Surf_utopia_v3 return to start zone and look into the gold knife maybe.

Surf_caner stuck in air on 1st stage but it is playable.

Surf_3 unplayable will load when you spawn it just a black screen.

Surf_004_final1 same problem as Surf_3

Surf_ace_fix cant surf as a linear it cuts your speed to 300ish when you get to a new stage

Surf_adtr_njv get stuck at the start is playable

Surf_aircontrol_ksf needs Zoned

Surf_annoance_njv stage 4 cant complete because the speed at the start of the stage will reset you at 300ish

Surf_awpsk337_v3 needs proper zones


Maps That Crash The Server








Timer is buggy i got a bug were i get wr but my rank is different i provided a screen shot of the bug. i joined the map and it the wr part of the timer said that there wasn't a wr but there were timer already on the map and when i finished the map it took my time as wr and added it to wr spot and i got 3rd best time.




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